About Pode

In life, you make the most important choices with your heart.

When you fall in love with somebody or something, it just happens; it’s not something you calculate in advance.

This is Pode

Design that makes you smile

For us, furniture is more than just a single design. We offer you a complete lifestyle collection of furniture and accessories designed by international top designers, all of whom complement each other perfectly in terms of visual language, colour and feeling.


Comfort and quality based on knowledge

You can enjoy Pode furniture for years. That’s because all our products are based on Leolux’s craftsmanship and years of experience. Our ‘mother ship’ has been making high-quality design furniture for almost 85 years and that expertise shines through in every Pode product. And high-quality products should always be accompanied by professional and personal advice. Which is why we’re so proud of the many expert dealers around the world who are ready to help you.

Affordable with an excellent guarantee

As you can imagine, we want to make the Pode lifestyle accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we’re raising the bar to the highest level when it comes to the quality and appearance of our products. But not when it comes to the price. What’s more, we also give you a 2 year guarantee for extra assurance.

A mix of the loveliest materials

The quality of our products is also down to the suppliers that we work with, of course. Which is why we purchase not only our materials and leather, but also our foam, wood, metal and every other material that we use, from reputable suppliers.

Art directors

Meet Roderick and Claire Vos

As Pode’s art directors, Claire & Roderick Vos overlook the brand’s DNA. That goes far beyond just putting the collection together. “Our designs mustn’t be overpowering. Instead, they should inspire our customers to discover their own style.”

Experience Center Breukelen

Have the ultimate Pode Experience

Would you like to experience Pode's products and atmosphere in the perfect way? Then come to the Pode Experience in the Leolux Experience Center in Breukelen. Here you will find the largest Pode showroom in the world, designed to perfection by our art directors Claire and Roderick Vos.

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Pode Magazine 2024

Request your free copy of the Pode Magazine now. You can read everything about our latest collection and get to know our designers and the professionals who make your furniture a reality. And who knows, you might end up with a few handy color tips.


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