Service and guarantee

Pode offers you years of seating pleasure.

This starts with the use of the best materials. All fabrics and leathers are sourced from high-quality suppliers. The materials are first extensively tested for their colour fastness and strength before they find their way into our collection.

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Because you are proud of your Pode furniture, you want to keep it in the best possible condition. However, a mishap will inevitably occur at some time with everything you use. Accidents will happen. Therefore, here are some tips, for the best maintenance and for when that minor accident happens.


Although the colour fastness of our upholstery is carefully assessed before the fabric or leather is included in our collection, direct sunlight has an unrelenting effect. Therefore, we recommend that you do not expose your furniture to direct sunlight.


If you want your Pode product to remain immaculate, it must be regularly cleaned.

This prevents dust particles becoming ingrained in the upholstery. If this is leather, you can simply dust the furniture every week. To clean fabric upholstery, you should use a vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis. When doing so, use the special accessory. This will prevent you from damaging the fabric.

Thorough maintenance

At the maximum twice per year, you can have your furniture thoroughly serviced. For leather, we recommend that the Leolux maintenance products be used. These safe products have been tested in consultation with leather producers. Thorough maintenance of furniture upholstered in fabric removes sand, dust particles, body salts and greases that have penetrated deep into the fabric. You can hire a recognised professional cleaning company to do this maintenance. 


Visitors, children, pets, yourself… the upholstery of your furniture faces numerous challenges. With this in mind, here is how to approach a stain on your sofa or chair.


NOTE: It’s better to do nothing than to do the wrong thing. A stain that is incorrectly treated is almost impossible to remove.

  • Use a spoon to remove any particles.

  • Cover the stain with a moist cotton cloth and let it dry. While the cloth is drying, do not remove it to take a look, as this will interrupt the absorption process.

  • Now find out the best way to remove the stain. You can find advice about this at


Remove any liquid using a cotton cloth. Do not rub too hard! This will cause shiny spots. Stains normally disappear into the pores of the leather after a while. 


Everyday maintenance

Vacuum clean regularly (twice a week), using a smooth nozzle, in order to remove any dirt and to re-straighten the pile that may have been flattened. Do this lengthwise and across. You should preferably use a vacuum cleaner with an extra air filter.

ATTENTION: a different maintenance advice applies to woven rugs. Vacuum clean in the weaving direction only, to prevent the formation of loops.

Major maintenance

Dry clean, preferably by a specialist company. Absolutely do not clean with powder or with liquids that contain solvent.

On you will find more information about the maintenance of the carpets Rye, Punto and Mackay.