Privacy statement

Your personal data are not commercial goods. There are therefore legal rules in which it is laid down which information we are allowed to ask of you and what we are allowed to do with this information. In this Privacy Statement, we provide clear and transparent information concerning the manner in which we process and store personal data and what we do to guarantee your privacy.

Legal responsibility

Pode is a brand of Leolux Furniture Group (LFG), founded and with registered office in Venlo (NL). Our models are developed and produced here in LFG’s own factories in Europe. When producing furniture for all its brands, Leolux Furniture Group takes into account the legal requirements that apply in the country where the furniture will be delivered.

We are pleased that you are interested in our products and we trust that you will find all information you require for making the right decision on our website. In doing so, we comply strictly with the European regulations, more specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As part of LFG, Pode conforms to the Privacy Statement of LFG. This statement applies to all LFG brands. You can find this statement on the website of Leolux Furniture Group.


Texts, illustrations, videos and other information published here are copyright protected by Furniture Group in Venlo. Reproduction or display without Pode’s explicit permission is not permitted and will result in legal action.

Retail prices, sizes and other information is provided but is subject to errors and/or amendment. Pode cannot be held responsible for damage that arises as a result of this information or the use of this website.