Kranen & Gille

“We both have a fascination for shapes in nature.“


Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille know each other from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. They graduated in 2004 in the heyday of the academy, when it was all about progress and innovation. Three years later, they set up the Kranen/Gille design studio in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.



Bottle Stool

The Bottle Stool designed by Kranen/Gille was a huge success from the moment it was introduced. It’s a winebottle holder, a stool and a cheese plank all rolled into one, but above all it’s a table that can’t help but attract everybody’s attention. The Bottle Stool is handy and mobile because the ‘ring’ that holds the winebottle can also be used as a handgrip. Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille have managed to combine an impressive number of functions in one design.