“We’re not artists – we just want to give users comfort and freedom of choice.”


Yonoh was founded in 2006 in Valencia, where the duo studied and still have a studio. They have a broad-based portfolio that includes house styles, exhibition stands and numerous consumer items. “But,” admits Selma, “interiors are closest to our hearts. It’s where we eat and spend time with our loved ones but also where we work more and more often. It’s where the full life takes place, you could say. With furniture, we give substance to that life. It’s why many of our designs have a friendly and generous look. They fit in a modern interior but also in interiors with a more classical style.

Adventurous and international


It was Yonoh that took the first step in this cooperative venture. “We really wanted to work with Pode. It’s a relatively young label with a fresh look. The style is adventurous and international, but at the same time accessible. And colour plays an important role in the collection. Which is exactly the way we design,” explains Del Portillo. During their first meeting with Pode, they made a very postive first impression, after which they were asked to design a compact chair suitable not just for domestic use but also for hotels and the office environment. But – and this was Pode’s express wish – the chair had to be eye-catching. “It could even actually look heavy. That’s how we arrived at Cabut, a magnified head on a slender body.”



A Valencian vision on comfort - that is Turia. It’s not without reason that the sofa programme is named after the river that meanders through the city. It is designed by design studio Yonoh and is just as great a place to hang out as Valencia itself.



Cabut is the result of our first collaboration with the Spanish designer studio Yonoh. It represents Spanish design without any unnecessary frills. This comfortable and inviting armchair is a classic example of their characteristic designer style: innovative and original, with an unerring eye for detail. One instance of this is the striking piping that continues across the entire design.