Claire and Roderick Vos

“Our designs mustn’t be overpowering. Instead, they should inspire our customers to discover their own style.”


Claire and Roderick Vos have known each other since they studied together at the Eindhoven Design Academy in the 1990s. Since 1999, they have worked together at Studio Roderick Vos. In the upstairs room of their 17th-century home there are Power Macs on the table and display cabinets overflowing with prototypes and fabric samples. “This is where we watch over the consistency of the collection, asking questions such as: Is a design compatible with the existing products? Which items of furniture are still missing? And in that way we build on that Pode DNA.”

A small selection



Marv is a tuxedo sofa. Elegant and timeless, in which linear and wavy lines converge to form an ‘organic cubist’, according to designer Roderick Vos. He started with the ‘monoblock’ and cut away all excess materials. The result is powerful and compact seating with pure lines. Marv is the perfect family sofa that you can place in the centre of the room or against the wall. A sofa of great simplicity that, due to its narrow sledge-style legs, appears to float above the ground.



Bibo is one of the most charming members of the Pode collection. It welcomes you with open arms and provides you with hours on end of comfortable seating. It is equipped with a solid swivel base with four legs, which looks good as well. And you can choose the exact version you want, just like all our other Pode products.



Fold is an ode to simplicity. The aim was to create a stylish, abstract sofa with no excessive details. Roderick Vos’s designs even verges on the minimalistic.



The world of Melloo is all about you. With three sofas, fourteen elements and a matching footstool, you can put together this friendly and inviting design by Roderick Vos exactly as you want it.



With Nastro, Claire Vos created a wonderful addition to the Pode rug collection. The sleek lines give the impression that a folded ribbon is incorporated into the rug. Hence the name, because Nastro means ribbon in Italian. Moreover, each design surface has a different structure and emphasis, which gives Nastro an interesting depth.