Meike Harde

“I design products that are visually light and cleverly constructed’.“


Meike Harde has already been nominated no less than twice as “Best Newcomer” for the renowned German Design Award. The work of the talented designer, who founded her own design studio in Cologne in 2013, ranges from textiles and lighting to decorative materials and furniture. Perhaps that is why it is not so easy to pigeonhole her work. Nevertheless, there are many points of reference, she says: ‘I am very precise in everything I do in my work. With my technical understanding and my love of natural materials, I design products that are visually light and cleverly constructed’. The results are playful products with a poetic character. ‘I find it very interesting to approach existing production techniques in a different way and to put ordinary materials in a new context’. Through this experimental approach to the design profession, she succeeds in developing a new design language that perfectly matches Pode’s ideas.




The understated table series Ova takes stylish design enthusiasts on a voyage of discovery. Because the longer you look at it, the more you see the beautiful details that Cologne designer Meike Harde has added to her design. For instance, each table has two different types of legs. This asymmetry gives Ova a really special look.



Unda is officially designated as a footstool. But in practice this Meike Harde design offers much more than just a place to rest your feet. The Unda’s strong internal construction means you can also use it as an additional and comfortable seat. The footstool is finished with a thick layer of high-quality foam especially for this, so that you can experience true Pode comfort.